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Bryan Swanson takes you through the latest transfer deals on deadline day.

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[HD] Gareth Bale ● The Spurs King ● 2013

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Hutton Shows Off Performance

September 3rd, 2014 by Liam

In 3 seasons Aston Villa’s Alan Hutton has managed to make less than 50 league appearances as the Scottish right-back struggled trying to find his place in the Premier League club. His impact in the English squad was non-existent as he was being constantly loaned out to different teams including: Notthingham Forest, Mallorca and Bolton Wanderers. During this transfer window there were even rumors of him leaving Aston Villa as he wanted to join a club where he could play a more important role but things have taken a turn for the better.

Alan Hutton performed in Aston Villa’s opening Premier League matches of the season and helped the English club in securing 2 clean sheets with impressive performances.

The English League is only just starting but Hutton is already receiving praise for his latest series of performances with the club that was believed to be on the verge of offloading him a few months ago.

The boss of Aston Villa, Paul Lambert praised Alan Hutton as the manager went on saying that the Scottish defender deserves all the recognition and cheers he has been receiving.

Lambert said: “The way Alan is as a guy is testament to himself. His performances for the national team were excellent. I watched Scotland three times and he did great. He’s never let himself down professionally. I had a chat with him, his performances have been excellent. He’s right on top of his gam He doesn’t have anything to prove except maybe to himself. Alan has been really consistent. It comes from himself. The one who deserves credit is himself for sticking with it. He’s getting the praise.”

Alan Hutton is hoping he can continue his impressive start of the season and help Aston Villa on securing a mid-table position in the Premier League which would be a great improvement compared to the previous season where Aston Villa was only 5 points away from being relegated.

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Hutton Provides Underwhelming First Season

July 14th, 2014 by Liam

Alan Hutton’s first season at Aston Villa has been underwhelming as he managed on making consistent performances during his debut season with the English club but he was plagued with criticism after performing in a derby match against West Bromwich and a horrendous tackle to Shane Long forced the Irish striker on having to be out injured for 6 weeks and during Aston Villa’s match against Arsenal, Hutton received a red card which added more doubts and pressure towards Aston Villa as if they had made a correct decision in signing Alan Hutton as he has not been able to perform with the Premier League club ever since.

When the season was over Hutton was left out of the list of players that were chosen to represent Aston Villa in their pre-season schedule which included a tour to the United States with matches against teams in the MLS.

Since then, Hutton has been transferred out loan deals to Nottingham Forest and the Spanish side Mallorca on loan deals but now that all of those temporary contracts have been over, Alan Hutton has returned to Aston Villa but rumors are beginning to spark linking West Bromwich Albion with the 29 year old Scottish defender.

The head coach of West Bromwich Albion Alan Irvine is reinforcing the defensive and midfield department of his squad as he has already signed Craig Gardner and Chris Baird in this transfer window and now he is setting his sights on Alan Hutton who is playing an important role with his current club Aston Villa and might be a simple target to secure.

Aston Villa meanwhile is being linked with Ashley Young who only managed on making 20 league appearances with his current club, Manchester United and a return to his former club Aston Villa can give his career a boost which has taken a significant dip ever since he was transferred to Old Trafford as he is mostly just being used as a substitute player.

Bryan Swanson takes you through all the latest transfer dealine day. LAST HOUR

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GBB sling during molt

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Some time ago Darren Bent, Alan Hutton and a number of other players in the club were going to be offloaded and sold in order to reduce the wage bill of Aston Villa but Paul Lambert revealed some of the details and plans about what he is going to do in the next few months concerning his players.

With the summer transfer window just about to start, Paul Lambert has revealed that he intends to shut down and reject and offers that he receives for his ‘’star players’’.

‘’I can say they’re not going anywhere. I’ll still have the final say on who came and who went. I’d imagine I’d still have all that on my side. I wouldn’t imagine anyone will leave without my permission. I think that’s fair to say.” Lambert said.

A few days ago, the owner of the Premier League club Randy Lerner placed Aston Villa up for sale and Paul Lambert is well aware that his position in the club is at risk if a new owner arrives and decides to replace Lambert with another coach but Lambert revealed that even if it does happen, he does not have any regrets about what he has done and accomplished with Aston Villa.

“Any regrets? No, not at all. If it all ended tomorrow I would take away an unbelievable experience because it’s a brilliant club. The pressure on it is big, no two ways about it. But there’s always something good that will come out of something like this. So I don’t have any regrets.” Lambert added on.

Darren Bent did not play a single match with Aston Villa in this recently concluded season as he was being featured with Fulham completing a loan deal which has already expired and the English attacker is going to make his way back to Aston Villa as Paul Lambert stated that he isn’t for sale along with Alan Hutton.

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